New Members Welcome

Ballarat Memorial Sports Bowls Club is always looking for new members to join up and strengthen our division sides so we can achieve further on-green success. Our top side in Saturday Pennant is in Premier Division.  Our top side in Midweek Pennant is also in Premier Division.

Our club caters well for bowlers who are happy to continue to play at their own particular level (no matter what that level is). We also appreciate bowlers who are interested in developing their capability with a view to being able to play at the very highest level that they can.

Oscar Jones – Rising Star

The Club has qualified accredited coaches who can actively oversee the development and the fine tuning of players to help achieve their own personal, team and club goals.

No positions in our top sides are “set in stone” –  the club will be selecting the best (in form) bowlers each week for our top sides (and for all other division sides).

If you are interested in being a part of a successful club and want to take up the challenge, then come and join us and experience our excellent greens.

To make an enquiry re  your interest, go to the Membership Signup page and submit your interest through the online “Enquiry Form”.

We have sides in Division Premier, 2,  4,  6,  7 and 8 in Saturday Pennant and in Midweek Pennant we have sides in Premier division and division 2.   The Club can cater for any persons  needs at any level you require.