Club Information.

LOCATION – The BMS Bowls Club is located at Alfredton Reserve in the heart of Alfredton (West Ballarat). The west of Ballarat is the growth area of our city. Our address is 89C Cuthberts Road………. Along with our Bowls Club, the Alfredton Reserve is also the home venue for Ballarat Football Netball Club and Ballarat Redan Cricket Club. Our Bowls Club has a great working relationship with both of these other sports clubs.




PRESIDENT – Craig Hurdsfield……………. VICE PRESIDENT – Lynnette Bryce.

SECRETARY – Anthony McCabe………….. TREASURER – David Berry.

ELECTED DIRECTORS – Philip Clamp, Travis Preston, Rob Dickinson, Dave Andrews.

SATURDAY SELECTION COMMITTEE – Neil Ellard, Linda Johannsen, Adam McLean, Graeme Inglis, Michelle Tait.

MIDWEEK SELECTION COMMITTEE – Rob Dickinson, Harry Johannsen, Craig Meade

BHBR (REGIONAL) REPRESENTATIVE – Lyn Bryce (Deputy Chair Person).

ASCC REPRESENTATIVES – Craig Hurdsfield, David Berry.


CLUBS INVOLVEMENT IN PENNANT BOWLS – for the 2023/24 season, our Pennant involvement was as follows – In Saturday Pennant our club played in 5 divisions – Division 1, Division 3, Division 4, Division 6 and Division 7………. In Midweek Pennant, we played in 3 divisions – Division 1, Division 3 and Division 5.


PENNANT SUCCESS – BMS has had considerable success since its formation in 2004. As at the end of the 2023/24 season,  in Saturday Pennant we have 12 premierships – in Division 1 five times, Division 3 twice, Division 4 once, Division 6 three times and Division 7 once……………………In Midweek Pennant, we have 5 premierships – in Division 2 twice, Division 3 once and Division 4 twice. All this success (17 premierships) in just 20 seasons!!!!!


CLUB HISTORY (end of the 2023/24 season) – Ballarat Memorial Sports Bowls Club (BMS) was formed in 2004 and was the result of the amalgamation of Ballarat City and Serviceman’s Memorial (SMBC) Bowling Clubs…………  Ballarat City’s home was in Eyre Street and Serviceman’s Memorial’s home was in Creswick Road. The new club used both venues for the first season (2004/05)………… For the following three years (up to and including season 2007/08) only the Creswick Road site was used. During 2007, it was decided to put the Creswick Road site up for sale.

The new home for BMS was to be at Alfredton.   The decision was made due to declining membership and a poor financial outlook at Creswick Road…………. BMS used Ballarat and Central Wendouree Bowling Clubs greens for its home games in the 2008/09 season (due to delays with the construction of the current greens at Alfredton). The new Alfredton greens were completed and first used for the 2009/10 season.

At Alfredton, the lower (south) green was re-carpeted for the start of the 2017/18 season. This was done via a Council insurance policy claim after it was damaged due to flooding. The original carpet on this lower green was used for 8 seasons. This up-coming season (2024/25), this 2nd carpet on the bottom green will be in use for its 8th season……… The first carpet on the top (north) green was used for a full 12 seasons (2009/2010 to 2020/21 inclusive). A new carpet was put down for the start of the 2021/22 season. This up-coming season (2024/25) this 2nd carpet will be being used for its 4th season.


FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS – With the completion of the additions to the single building we previously used, our bowls club now has its own clubhouse situated close to both of our greens. We are currently concentrating on further additions to the grounds as well as fine-tuning the clubhouse to make both inside and outside, a bowling complex our members can be very proud of.


ALFREDTON SPORTS AND COMMUNITY CLUB (ASCC) – For management of relevant social and sporting infrastructure at the Alfredton Reserve, a “club” has been established. The club is named the Alfredton Sports and Community Club (ASCC). All members of the Ballarat Football Netball Club and our BMS Bowls Club are members of this ASCC.

For the actual management of this social and sporting infrastructure, a committee of management exists. This committee is formed from the members of both the Football Netball Club and our BMS Bowls Club. With the completion of the new additions to the building at the reserve, Ballarat Redan Cricket Club now use a part of those additions for their clubhouse. All three sports clubs work well together – continued developments will ensure a future partnership which creates a vibrant, all-inclusive social environment that caters for the complete range of demographics.

The two ASCC buildings at the reserve can currently cater for 130 and 100 guests (respectively) in the two rooms used by the Football Netball Club and our Bowls Club. Future plans are that the larger room will be renovated to increase its size even further…………. During the bowls season, the BMS club rooms (including the bar) are open on game days and also from mid-afternoon on Thursdays (our practice/training afternoon). Additionally, the ASCC has a MEMBERS NIGHT most Fridays throughout the year. On this night, the rooms and the bar open at about 5 pm for members and the public. A member’s draw, raffles and “nibblies” are a feature of this afternoon/evening.



Brian Biggs **Ross JonesIan Matheson **
Kevin Richards **Leo Roberts **Jack Vickers **
Lynette BryceKevin Mead **Tom Kuypers
Dot McGregorJohn Bettles **Kevin McLean
Graeme InglisPhilip Clamp
(** Denotes member is now deceased).