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COVID Safety Management Plan 2021

The Management Committee of Ballarat Memorial Sports Inc adopts (with modification) the Bowls Victoria/Ballarat District Bowls Division: navigating a return to play, COVID guidelines for Bowls Clubs as the Club’s COVID Safety Management Plan 2021

This Plan must be read in conjunction with Bowls Victoria: navigation a return to play, COVID guidelines for Bowls Clubs. Updated 10th November, 2020 V6. A copy of the document is appendixes in support of the Club’s Plan and is to take precedence if in conflict with the Plan.

The Plan shall be revised from time to time to take into account changes to the COVID 19 State Government health regulations as announced by the Victorian State Government. These changes will be reflected through Bowls Victoria’s COVID 19 guidelines, as amended. The quick reference guide as rules stand as of 14th November 2020 (subject to change) and our priorities are:

  1. The safety of all Lawn Bowlers
  2. To Facilitate Lawn Bowls Pennant for the shortened 2020 – 2021 season as per guidelines
  3. Sign in books must be at all entrances to the club and green
  4. Sanitiser is to be at these registration stations
  5. Sanitiser and cleaning items and disinfectant should be placed around the green
  6. Appoint a Club COVID 19 safety coordinator

  • Physical distancing of 1.5 metres and good hygiene
  • A face mask must be worn to and from and into the venue
  • A face mask for the time being IS required, whilst participating in a game of Lawn Bowls. Masks must be carried at all times.
  • Where a person has a lawful excuse not to wear a mask, the club and the BDBD takes no responsibility in any fine or sanction applied under law to the individual (e.g. by the Police)