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Current Covid Updates.

COVID 19 Health Regulations

This coming bowls season will be like no other that we have experienced before so please have patience and understanding as we navigate this situation together. The Club received advice from Bowls Victoria on Monday night of the current requirements but with the notation that some matters require further clarification from health authorities. It is also expected that the regulations will change again before Pennant starts following future State Premier Andrew’s announcements so I will not provide these in detail but advise that members can expect:

·         Each Club to have a COVID 19 Safety Coordinator and appoint Covid Marshalls as necessary to be in attendance at all games

·         Expect some conditions on the use of facemasks. Those who are aged, have a medical condition or advised by their medical advisor may need to use a facemask in any case

·         Do not turn up for bowls if you are unwell

·         Club’s must maintain an Attendance Register and all bowlers to enter name, phone contact & time of attendance. A separate register maintained at the Clubhouse

·         Social distancing measures will be in place; this is likely to limit how many playing rinks will be allowed on the green

·         Personal Hygiene will be a focal issue with regular use of hand sanitiser which all clubs will have readily available. Expect to be require to use hand sanitise prior to and on completion of your game, maybe at certain intervals during the course of the game, after going to the toilet and prior to/after eating or drinking. Leads may be required to exercise more care when placing the mat and handling the kitty involving regular use of hand sanitiser. Only one nominated player on each rink to maintain the rink’s scoreboard and scorecards to only be handled by an individual. Do not touch other player bowls. The Pennant sheet submitted by the team to act as the COVID 19 Attendance Register for the afternoon

·         Managers and Umpires may cancel a game if inclement weather causes COVID 19 safety concerns; particularly concerning social distancing in sheltered areas from the weather

·         Car-pooling is a concern to health authorities and the requirement is any passengers in a car that are not from the same household to wear a mask

·         Further updated detailed information will be circulated to members prior to the commencement of pennant bowls.

You can download the guidelines by clicking on the link below.