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Bowls Etiquette.

Bowls etiquette relates to behaving in a friendly and sporting manner towards both your opponents and your team-mates. We should all approach our bowls with enthusiasm, but also with tolerance and by being good company.

Some Tips for Good Etiquette :-
• Be punctual and always welcome visitors.
• Be polite and friendly to your opponents and team mates including not using offensive language.
• Introduce each other at the start of play.
• Respect the laws of the game and the role of the umpire.
• Do nothing to distract the bowler on the mat and make sure you are not standing in their field of view. Remain silent while others are delivering their bowls.
• Do not move at either end of the rink if that may distract any other player delivering their bowl.
• Watch your bowl until it stops (also assists in learning from the shot).
• Concentrate on the game and the state of play.
• Commend your team-mates, and especially your opponents, when they play a good shot.
• Admit a fluke shot when you play one and remember it when your opponent gets one later in the game. Team members should not applaud a “lucky” bowl – remember it’s a poor bowl with a good (or great) result.
• When not bowling, remain behind the mat – within the confines of your rink or back off the green. When walking up the green, do so without impeding the view of a bowler watching their own bowl.
• Excuses for bad play should not be blamed on the condition of the green, wind or other weather conditions. Remember that these conditions are the same for all players.
• Do not “ride” an opponent’s bowls (by using body “language” (or what you say), indicating your wish that the opponents bowl be unsuccessful).
• Mobile phones (unless for emergencies) should be in your bowls bag turned off or on silent.
• If music is playing it should not impact on how the game is progressing, nor negatively affect any bowlers performance.
• If it be necessary to have a cigarette during a game, do so with the minimum disruption to the game you are playing in. Only smoke in locations where smoking is allowed.
• During the game, without hurrying, conduct yourself in a time-efficient way.
• Where possible, try to be involved in having “refreshments” and socializing at the end of the game.

In summary, ETIQUETTE relates to politeness, good behavior, and how you present yourself – all aspects which can significantly affect how much other bowlers enjoy their game.