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Midweek Pennant Match Report 23rd November

After a mixed bag last week where premiers lost and division two had an all rinks up win the the table were turned this week at home. Both games went down to the last end.

Premiers at home to Bunninyong.

Premiers did their best to let this slip at the end after being up as much as twelve shots but the bunninyong skip missed the chance to draw a second shot which allowed BMS to get a one shot advantage. Still didn’t stop Mick Hampson trying to draw shot with his last bowl ! !!

BMS won 59-58 14 points

Robert Dickinson won 20-16

Mick Hampson won 24-18

Jeff Ryan lost 15-24

Division 2 at home to Victoria

Division Two came up against a very strong Victoria side and it went right down to Neil Ellard’s last bowl trying to make 2 for a tie and 3 for the win. Just missing but a very good result considering the opposition.

BMS lost 54-57 2 points

Tom Kuypers lost 17-21

Neil Ellard lost 13-21

Harry Johannsen won 24-15

Both teams go into the next round with one win and one loss , Premiers away to Clunes and Division Two away to Daylesford. Still early in the season and plenty of points to be won.