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NEWS ITEMS – March 2023.

*** LORRAINE WHITE MEMORIAL FOURS TOURNAMENT – (22nd March – Brian H) – This prestigious tournament is being run by BMS at our two greens. It takes place over 4 Thursday evenings starting the 16th of March . Bowlers are provided a meal starting at 5.30 pm with bowling to start at 6.30 pm. Each evening there are 2 games of 8 ends meaning some of the bowling will take place under lights……… For this tournament, there are 2 sections – a corporate section inevitably containing at least some relatively new bowlers and a “guns” section. The “guns” section comprises accomplished bowlers including 4 rinks from the sides chosen to represent our region at the Region Sides Competition at Echuca/Moama in May – there are 2 ladies rinks and 2 men’s rinks. Total prize-money is $3000………. The tournament is a memorial for past BMS member, Lorraine White. Thanks to Lorraine’s husband Ralph for initiating the tournament and for contributing to it……….. For those who want to witness some interesting/quality bowling, or some bowling under lights, come along for a great evenings entertainment. Our club still needs some assistance to help run the tournament. To offer your assistance or for any questions, talk to Kevin McLean.



*** BUGGER !!!! – MICHELLE LOSES 25 / 24. – (22nd March – Brian H) – In the Ladies Champion of Champions Grand Final, Michelle got as close as you can without actually winning. She was down by 7 shots (23/16) – but was able to get up to 24/23 (+1)……… In the second last end, Michelle was holding Championship until Liz Kierce’s LAST bowl which saw the jack shifted back to give Liz shot. Now at 24 all, the winner of the last end was to become champion. Unfortunately for Michelle, Liz won this end. The game was of a very good standard, particularly in the first half. We congratulate Elizabeth Kierce for winning. We congratulate both bowlers for the great spectacle they provided. And well done to Michelle for again flying the BMS flag so high. Also well done to our members who got to Smeaton to support Michelle.

Ladies Champion of Champions Grand Final.


*** WE THANK OUR SPONSORS – (16th March – Brian H) – It is appropriate that we look after those from the community who assist us. Making an additional donation towards the Lorraine White Memorial Tournament were both BALLARAT AND DISTRICT GARAGE DOORS and IGA SUPER MARKETS. We thank Daryl Haase for his contribution and Adam McLean for the arrangements through IGA. As is the case for all of our sponsors, they deserve as much support as we can give them.

*** BECOMING A BMS SELECTOR ????. – (14th March – Brian H) – It is that time of the year when our club selects 8 members to be next seasons club selectors. These positions are extremely important for the “psychological health” of our club and its members – a happy club is more enjoyable for members and is much more likely to be successful. (Many bowlers argue that selectors hold the most important positions in bowling clubs!!!!)……….. Being a good selector requires a wide knowledge of our members, in particular, their bowling capability. Ideally, this knowledge would be “available” to selectors prior to the start of the pennant season……….. Being a selector can be a challenging, time-consuming, sometimes thankless job that places considerable responsibility on those who do it. Despite these considerations, when selection is done well, selectors can be greatly satisfied knowing they make an extremely valuable contribution to our club………….. Three selectors are required for Mid Week Pennant and five for Saturday Pennant. Both selection committees are to be chosen by members at the clubs AGM on Wednesday the 19th of April………. The club has a prepared document on POLICY AND GUIDELINES FOR SELECTION COMMITTEES – a very important document for anyone involved (or considering involvement) in selection. This document can be found in the CLUB DOCUMENTS section of this website………. (In the same section of the website, there are club documents for ETIQUETTE and CODES OF CONDUCT).

*** MID-WEEK DIVISION 1 GRAND FINAL RESULT. – (14th March – Brian H) – Our Division 1 Tuesday Pennant side played their Grand Final today. Before the dinner break, the game was a fairly tight tussle with BMS mostly leading. Unfortunately, that horrible “gremlin” – the break for lunch/afternoon tea – escaped captivity and our Tuesday 1’s were its target. The end result, a disappointing loss to Midlands. We congratulate Midlands on their win. For game details, refer to Bowlslink………. Our Tuesday 1’s had a very good season marred by a “hiccup” in their final game. They were on top of the ladder for most of the season and were only displaced to 2nd position at the very end of the season. They won their semi-final which put them straight into the Grand-Final………… Disappointed as they would be today, they deserve our congratulations for having the season they did. And they deserve our thanks for flying the BMS flag as high as they did during the season. WELL DONE to all members involved!!!

*** BMS – SATURDAY DIVISION 1 GRAND FINAL RESULT – (12th March – Brian H) – ‘Twas always going to be a tough gig playing Victoria, a side that had lost only one game for the year and then only by 1 shot. (Has Victoria created some sort of record?). Still it was a game of bowls and our Division 1 side had got within 13 shots of them in the semi-final. Unfortunately today, it wasn’t to be. If you want the details, they are available on Bowlslink…… What can be said is that our Division 1 side had a very good season particularly in the second half. Their position on the ladder at the end of the season and the fact that it was our 1’s that were the only side that qualified to have a fourth “crack” against Victoria is testament to the success their season has been. Disappointed they may be but they have done our club proud. Congratulations to all who contributed to the 1’s during the season and congratulations to all involved in today’s game.



We are the Diggers from BMS.

We wear the colours red, white & blue.

We will always strive for victory.

We will always see it through.

Win or lose we’ll always try.

We’re a team that’s on a high.

BMS – BMS –  the team we love to cheer.



*** RESULTS FOR BMS TEAMS IN SUNDAY’S PRELIMINARY FINALS – (5th March – Brian H) – Two of our Saturday Pennant sides contested “cut-throat” preliminary finals today, Sunday the 5th of March……….. Our Division 6 side unfortunately lost their game to Waubra. The best performed rink was skipped by Larry Wilson with Rob James, Mark Walsh and Ralph White. The 6’s had a great year finishing top of the ladder. All four teams contesting the finals were capable of winning against any of the other sides – 14 points separated the teams in 1st and 4th place. Our 6’s had two “off” games in the finals which would be most disappointing to the bowlers involved. Disappointing as the finals were, we should remember the 6’s performance over all of the season and congratulate them for flying the BMS flag as high as they have – well done to all who were involved during the season and in the finals……….. Our Division 1 side played against Sebastopol and won by a very handsome 46 shots with all four rinks up. This qualifies them for next weeks Grand Final which is against Victoria – the side they lost to in the semi-final.. They would only need to be 14 shots better than they were in that previous game. We wish them all the best for their preparation for next Sundays game – note that it is played on Sunday (the 12th of March).

*** RESULTS FOR FINALS – SATURDAY THE 4TH OF MARCH – (4th March – Brian H) – We competed in 3 semi-finals today with results that did not run our way………….. Our Division 1 side had the difficult task of winning against this years dominant Division 1 side, Victoria that had only lost 1 game for the season. Although not winning, they pushed Victoria and only lost by 13 shots. Only one of the 4 rinks up – by 4 shots – skipped by Phil Clamp with David Schreenen, Craig Hurdsfield and Mike Jose……………….Division 3 played Bungaree in a game they had to win. After leading for most of the day, alas they were overtaken in the last couple of ends to finally go down by a measly 3 shots. Best performed rink – up by 17 shots – was El Presidente’s (aka Kevin McLean) – with Greg Vagg, John Rowland and Brian Hickman…………. After being the best team over the season, our Division 6 side had an unexpected loss against Bungaree. All rinks down and a final deficit of 29 shots. (What can be said? – Tomorrow’s another day – get back on the horse and off we go again!!!).

*** THE LAST THREE BMS CHAMPIONSHIPS DECIDED. – (2nd March-Brian H) – This afternoon, our last three club championships were decided. Stephen Byron won our Two Bowl Singles against Michelle Tait……. Ralph (previously “the weapon”, perhaps now ” the giant killer”) White won the Presidents Handicap against Lyn Bryce……… David Schreenan and Phil Clamp won our Club Pairs competition against Dave Andrews and Travis Preston. A great afternoons bowling, well supported by club members. Congratulations to the 4 winners – well done to all 8 bowlers for their achievement and for what they provided for the spectators.

*** CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS COMPETITION – (1st March-Brian H). – Our two rep’s played at Kyneton last Sunday the 26th of February. Michelle Tait won both her round 1 and round 2 games. Michelle is in the last 8 (the quarter finals) and will play the Broadford ladies champion on Saturday (note – Saturday) the 18th of March starting at 10am. The more BMS support for this game, the better. Ryan Bedggood was outplayed by his opponent in his first round of the Mens champions event.. Thanks to both Michelle and Ryan for representing our club.