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NEWS ITEMS – May 2023.


VALE DENNIS STORER. Dennis passed away last Saturday (May the 27th). A great club member and a delight to associate with, Dennis was known as being just a wee bit mischievous at times. His presence will be greatly missed……… Our sympathy is extended to all family and friends………… If there be a bowls competition in heaven Dennis, may you be the leader to the best skipper they’ve got.


A blast from the past. Who could ever forget “Life of the Party” Annie when she was in full flight? We still miss you Anne (not sure which Santa you are though !!!).



*** PAST SELECTORS AND GOD – (25th May – Brian H.).

— A bowler stood at the pearly gates….. with a face that was worn and old.

He meekly asked about his fate….. his permission to enter “the fold”.

— Well what have you done St. Peter asked….. why should we take you here?

I was a bowling club selector Sir….. for many-a many long year.

— The gates swung wildly open….. As St. Peter rung the bell.

Come in he said, we’ll have you here….. You’ve had enough of HELL.

(Courtesy Emily Doris McDonald (dec.) – Rosie’s Mum).


*** BMS REPRESENTATIVES IN REGION SIDES – (20th May – Brian H) – Ryan Bedggood and Michelle Tait have been selected in the BHBR side for the Region Sides Championship to be held at Moama over the 26th to the 28th of May. There are only 3 rinks/12 bowlers in each side making it an even greater honor to be selected. Well done to both Michelle and Ryan.



Eight Delightful Members Who Love Their Bowling And Their Club. And no, “Larry, Moe and Curly” are definitely not in the photos as someone very unkindly suggested. Thanks to these 8 members for the wonderful contribution they have made to our club !!!!


*** WORKING BEES (CONTINUED) – (17th May – Brian H) – Well done and a big thank you to David Schreenan, Rob Dickinson and all other helpers. I am told all 75 shrubs/trees have been planted out :-


*** NEW BOWLERS FOR BMS SEASON 23/24??? – (13th May – Brian H) – If you hear of any new bowlers that might be considering playing at BMS this coming season (either currently living in Ballarat or shifting in to our city), please let the Saturday (and Tuesday?) selection committee know. Also all current club pennant bowlers are asked to give some consideration as to whether they will be playing again this coming season. Some time well before pennant starts again, our selection committees will need to start getting together some figures of “definite’s” to enable decisions re how many teams we enter in both Midweek and Saturday pennant……….. If any members/selectors wish to know the bowlers that played in our last 8 pennant sides (the end of season 22/23), they have been left in the PENNANT section of this website.


*** FUNKY’S BACK IN TOWN – (13th May – Brian H) – Coming back to Ballarat with the intention of again playing at BMS (is this the second home-coming) is Darren Millar (aka Funky). An accomplished bowler, Darren would “bolster” the top end of our pennant teams.


*** ACHIEVEMENT AT OUR CLUB WORKING BEE – (1st May – Brian H). I’m told a good band of capable workers turned up to give us a much more attractive eastern side to the top green. It was also related to me that everyone was able to go home an hour earlier because Peter Ciaston was there working tirelessly. Well done again Peter. The completed work has been referred to to as the Great Wall of Chicko (or was it Dooko?). No matter, it is a job well done. Thanks to David Schreenen and Rob Dickinson and to all the other members who made a contribution.


*** NEW CLUB MANAGEMENT POSITIONS – SEASON 2023/24 – (1st May, 2023 – Brian H). Our club has a Management Committee elected by members at our AGM. There are 8 members on the Management Committee – President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, and 4 Directors. We also have 2 reps on the ASCC Committee………… For season 23/24, our new President is Craig Hurdsfield……. Our new Vice-President is Lyn Bryce…… Anthony McCabe and David Lindsay continue on as Secretary and Treasurer…….. The two new Directors on the Management Committee are Travis Preston and Phil Clamp (Graeme Inglis departs the Management Committee and Lyn Bryce is elevated to Vice President). The two Directors continuing on are Mick Hughes and David Schreenan.……. The three Tuesday selectors are Lyn Bryce, Michelle Tait, and newly elected Di Hampson…….. The Saturday Selection Committee has two returning members – Judy Lindsay and Mick Hampson. The other three Saturday Selectors are Neil Ellard, Linda Johannsen, and Adam McLean…….. Our two ASCC reps are David Lindsay and Craig Hurdsfield.

Those of our members who have offered their time and capability to assist with the management of our club are to be thanked for the much appreciated gesture.