Weekend Match Report 19/12/2020

Weekend Pennant Matches Report

Report by Robert Dickinson

The weather cooled down and so did the results a mixed bag with some surprises.

Premier division home to Mt Xavier

M.Storey lost 18 – 21

P.Clamp won 21-19

R.Bedgood won 22 – 18

Overall 61 – 58 . 14 points. Ladder position 1st.

Premiers were a bit flat against a fired up Mt Xavier and only just escaped with a three shot win. They are also the only team unbeaten after Sebastopols loss.

Mick Storey’s rink struggled apart from another good leading display from Chooka the brylcream boy.

Phil’s rink snuck home by two in another close game.

Ryan’s rink started slow but when they grabbed the lead they extended it out which allowed Ryan to manage the last end and ensure the win.

Division 2 away to Clunes

Scott McLean won 24-13

R.Broughton lost 14-25

Ned Bedgood lost 7-23

Craig Hurdsfield lost 22-23

Overall loss 67- 84 2 points. Ladder position 4th.

Always going to be tough at Clunes and a significant defeat , Scotty’s rink the only bright spot with a eleven shot win.

Division 4 home to Sebastopol

P.Harris won 23-19

I.Anwyl lost 19-26

H.Johannsen lost 21-25

P.Kennedy won 17-16

80-86 4 points. Ladder position 2nd.

I was expecting a home win but fours went down by six overall which probably flattered them as they were down a lot more until the last few ends.

Division 6 away to Invermay

T.Kuypers won 30-6

N.Ellard won 29-16

M.Urumese won 20-10

M.Tait lost 22-24 .

101-56 16 points. Ladder position 2nd

Huge away win for division six with three big rink wins. Tommy’s twenty four shot win away from home was exceptional.

Division 7 home to Sebastopol

T.Clarke won 18-16

R.Crawley won 26-22

A.McCabe lost 19-25

L.Wilson won 24-14

87-77 16 points. Ladder position 1st.

Three rinks up and another big win keeps division seven on top. Roy Crawley returned from exile for a win only Anthony McCabe’s rink going down.

Division 8 away to Midlands

M Walker won 17-11

I.Major lost 11-18

28-29 . 2 points. Ladder position 10th.

So close yet so far down by one shot overall still looking for that first win.

Go Diggers