Tuesday Match Report 2/03/2021

Tuesday Match Report

Premier Division

BMS versus City Oval at City Oval.

Pretty much do or die time for premiers and they couldn’t get up away at City Oval . Supposedly they can still make the four but it probably needs a clean sweep against Central next week , Webbconna to lose all rinks down and City Oval to lose.

C.Bryce drew 16-16

S.McLean won 23-22

J.Ryan lost 9- 29

Overall 45-57. 3 points . Ladder position 6th.

Scott McLeans came in as a late replacement for the president and snuck in by a shot on a last end measure. At times the looked like they might really get a good break but would drop a few shots to let their opponents back in. Michelle , Mick and Linda are unbeaten for the year.

Cameron Bryce’s rink were well down and came back strongly to sneak into the lead early but dropped a single on the last to end up with a draw.

Jeff Ryan’s rink started well and were in touch but then things went downhill from there.

Division Two

BMS versus Midlands at Midlands.

Tom Kuyper won 18- 17

H.Johannsen lost 24 – 11

R.Hickman lost 36 – 20

Overall 49 – 67 Points 2. Ladder position 6th.

Can’t complain about the overall result with only Toms rink up. Only four points off fourth they are still in the running for finals.

Go Diggers