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Saturday report, Decemeber 11

A much better performance this week with all but the two’s getting up. Getting some momentum before the break.

Premier Division at home to Learmonth won 62-43 16 points. Well, it finally happened all three rinks for Premiers, Phil Clamp rink after being close the last two weeks came from behind to win their rink with Graeme Inglis outstanding in the last few ends. Mick Storey’s rink was ahead all day and kept the opposition at arm’s length. Ryan Bedggood and his rink had a solid win and never looked in trouble. and also picked up the Park Hotel vouchers. Phil Clamp won 20-17; Mick Storey won 20-15, and Ryan Bedggood won 22-11.

Division Two away to Sebastopol lost 80-89. Two points … looks like president Kevin McLean had a premonition that if he got up he might need to shout the club with all divisions up. One rink up but not enough to cover the three other rinks. Mick Hampson lost 15-22; Jeff Ryan lost 23-34, and Kevin Mclean lost 18-26. David Lindsay won 24-17.

Division Three home to Smeaton won 76-74 – 14 points! The surprise packet of the year Division Three had a very close contest with Smeaton but got over the line by the smallest of margins. Still in touch with the top four. Harry Johannsen lost 18-23, Michelle Tait lost 12-19, Paul Harris won 19-17 and Tom Kuypers won 27-15.

Division Five played Bungaree at home won 106-85 – 14 points. A very solid win at home, although they are down the ladder they are only a few shots out of finals. Two big wins got them over the line. Ian Russell’s rink won the glasses for their huge win. Neil Ellard won 27-12, Ian Russell won 39-19, Mark Taylor lost 17-30 and Colin Duffy lost 23-24.

Division Six away to Sebastopol won 85-84 -14 points! Great away win for sixes with a one-shot win at Sebastopol which gets them in fourth spot. Anthony McCabe won 22-11, Don Ross lost 19-24, Mark Walker lost 21-28 and Larry Wilson won 22-20. Go Diggers !!!