Advertising / Sponsorship Partnerships for 2023/2024.

The Ballarat Memorial Sports Bowling Club offers your business the opportunity to become one of our valued partners. We offer inexpensive but effective advertising options for local businesses and are committed to providing maximum exposure to our sponsors.

Hundreds of local bowlers of all ages frequent the Ballarat Memorial Sports Bowling Club weekly. We hold Barefoot Bowls and host social events, which brings others to the club. Our synthetic greens have allowed both members and non-members to play all year round during both the day and into the evening. Our regular Pennant competitions (Saturday and Tuesday) along with Barefoot Bowling and outside social groups means a very large number of people are exposed to any advertising the club has at its two bowling greens.

We endeavor to ensure that our sponsors receive the best deal – we greatly appreciate their support. We try to promote your “enterprise”, both at our two greens and by encouraging our own bowlers and visitors to consider supporting those businesses that are helping us out. Where appropriate, we encourage our sponsors to consider holding a bowls night for their staff/associates. Where it is requested, we also endeavor to allow sponsors to showcase their products and services (at our greens or in the Alfredton Sports and Community Club buildings).

 Sponsors receive the following:

  • Listing in our club handbook, distributed to all members.
  • Signage at our two club greens.
  • The opportunity to leave advertising and other promotional material (brochures, business cards, etc.) in the club all year round
  • Listing on our club website

Advertising options for the 2023/2024 season are:

1.    Fence sign with dimensions for the sign being 1200mm by 600mm for an annual cost of $500 plus the initial sign costs

2.    Rink scoreboard signage at a cost of $200 (or $350 for two scoreboards – one at each green).

3.    An advertisement printed in our Club Syllabus at a cost of $200 for a full page or $100 for a half-page advertisement.

Alternatively for an annual cost of $800 the Club will provide a sponsorship advertising package comprising 600mm X 1200mm fence sign (not including the cost of sign), two rink sponsor signage (one displayed on each green) and a full-page advertisement in our Club Syllabus that is distributed to each Club member.


INVOLVEMENT AS A DAY SPONSOR (tournaments etc) – cost by agreement.
WEEKLY (etc) PRIZE VOUCHERS – cost by agreement.

We hope that you will consider advertising at the Ballarat Memorial Sports Bowling Club. If you have other ideas on how you can promote your business at our club or would like to discuss any options, please contact us ………. (email – b.m.sports@bigpond.com).