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Our club has made a really good start to our pennant season. It is great to see really good turn-ups at our official practice afternoons (both weekend and during the week)  and also at other times.  I sense some sort of anticipation towards the start of Saturday pennant – Monday pennant has already started.   I also sense a very positive attitude towards the club at this time.   …..    In a fairy tale world, the selected sides for Saturday pennant would be warmly received with thunderous applause.  Unfortunately, this is not a fairy tale world and undoudtedly there will be various reactions to the selections for all 5 grades of Saturday pennant.   It would be best for the club if we all recognise that this season is almost certainly the most difficult selection season there has been for many a long year.  And therefore it would not be a surprise  if some members see things a fair bit different than the selectors do.    If some members are correct in what they see as selection “mistakes”,  then time,  communication and performance (or lack of) should go some way to correcting these “mistakes”.  …….   Our reactions to Thursday evenings selection could be seriously club divisive.           Or we could be a little more restrained and patient so that we allow time to correct any “mistakes” that we think may have been made.       If you find some particular selections to be a bit too hard to understand, give yourself a bit of time to collect your thoughts – if you are still concerned, make an appointment with the selectors for the following Tuesday night and explain your concern(s).  ……..   Our website will display division sides on Thursday evening just as soon as they are available.    Rosie and I will not be available this Saturday – I am not sure if this is a good or bad situation to be in.

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