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Update 16 October, 2021

There is a lot of information in this news update. Please read carefully and if you have any questions please contact the committee for clarification.

The 2021/22 season of the Ballarat Highlands Bowls Region “BHBR” Pennant dates will be based on a 14 round home & away competition (similar to last year) starting on Saturday 13th November and for Midweek Pennant starting Tuesday 16th November. More news about this year’s Pennant competition and State Championship events will be forwarded by the BHBR in the near future and I will forward this for your attention when it arrives.


If you have not already done so would you please pay your membership fees as soon as possible or contact Club Treasurer David Lindsay (phone 0400 947 200) if you would wish to enter a payment plan to pay off your annual membership fees. All bowlers selected to play Pennant must have paid their membership fee prior to Pennant commencing or have a payment plan in place with the Club Treasurer.


All members intending to play Saturday Pennant ought to have already advised Lindsay Trounce (phone 0438 356 450) of their availability. If not, could you please contact Lindsay as soon as convenient to assist the Pennant Match Committee plan for the coming season competition?


I remind bowlers that COVID restrictions still apply. Hopefully, the State will have 80% of eligible people double vaccinated by 5th November, or sooner, allowing bowlers more freedoms to practice and play bowls. In the meantime, I remind bowlers to be careful, safe and comply to the current Health regulations applying to the safety protection against COVID which includes:

·         Mandatory use of masks away from your home (till 5th November or until the State enters 80% vaccination target )

·         1.5 metres social distancing

·         Consider roll-ups, practice in Pairs to promote social distancing

·         Register in using the QR code on display at the bowling green or the Attendance sheet at the green, and 

·         Use of hand sanitiser.

As we currently only have one green in service at this time could you consider varying the times you attend the green to enable everyone an opportunity to practice whilst maintaining social distancing protocols.

Please take special care of your safety whenever you are away from your home given there are high number of COVID cases being recorded throughout the community at this time.

The following advice has been received from Bowls Australia Region Manager, Western Victoria stating:

·         It is important to follow the rules so your club and individuals are not put in the situation of having to pay fines etc.

·         In general, the limit for training has been set at the minimum number of people required to train. No interclub competitions, Barefoot Bowls, Social Bowls or Club Championships. Food and drink facility: Open for seated service only with a maximum of 30 outdoors and 10 indoors subject to density limits.

COVID Vaccination

We are yet to receive any definite advice if there will be a requirement for all participants in community sport to be fully vaccinated against COVID. We would recommend that everyone who is able to receive the vaccination do so, to protect yourself, your family and all your friends at BMS.

Further advice on this matter will be forwarded to members once it is received. Bowls Victoria is liaising with Sport & Recreation Victoria to have this matter clarified.


There are sign up sheets pinned to the notice board at the green, on which you can add names of members wishing to enter Club competitions. Could you please contact Lindsay Trounce if you wish to participate.


  • PLEASE remember to change into your BOWLING SHOES when inside the fence parameter to avoid bringing in soil contamination onto the green whilst building construction is proceeding.


An information session will be held at the commencement of our Club’s season open/Practice session on Saturday 6th November. President Kevin is arranging for this to be a “Pie” luncheon. This will enable members to be briefed on the latest news on the season’s Pennant competition and also the progress of the new building construction. This is likely to be the first time we can play bowls under the new relaxed playing conditions as they apply to the roadmap out of COVID lockdown.

It is hoped that the Serviceman’s (top) green will be in service by this time.


Lindsay Trounce has advised as follows:

With the restrictions of the Covid virus hanging over us, we have been limited as to how we can get much-needed bowls practise.

We know that the bowls season will start on November 13th and there will NOT be a bye on November 20th, the draw will be finalized this week.

So starting  Saturday 23rd at 2 pm, we will start organised bowls practise, which means we will need to call for names to be listed on the board. From there we can organise teams to play against each other with NO scorecards.

Phone any of our selectors to enter your name for organized practise on the 23rd, Brian 0420 495 822, Judy 0407 507 703, Rob 0400 196 094, Phil (Doc) 0419 159 565 or Lindsay 0438 356 450.

With lockdown restrictions to be lifted on November 5th, on November the 6th we will have a full-scale inter-club practise match starting at 1.30pm.

Also at this stage, the top green won’t be finished until mid-November so we may have to switch a few games until it’s ready.

Please enter the greens via the west gate and don’t forget to change into your bowls shoes before stepping onto the green.